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Zombies!..n' Stuff...




The proud leader of a nerd gang. He is currently grounded from video games due to upcoming school finals, and has made his gang suffer with him. Despite his leader position, he is very naive, and irresponsibly lives life as if it were a game. He also works in a sushi restaurant owned by his father, Mike, and his father's long time friend, Azumi. He can be easily be described as dense, selfish and lazy.



Works at Micah's favorite (or at least, most conveniently located) Blockbuster. While her style may be unusual, she is considered to be smoking hot. She is often called a slut and a bitch (mostly by Micah), and in some cases, the accusations are justified. Through some unfortunate events, Grace reluctantly became the newest member of Micah's gang, replacing the recently dead friend #4.Despite her bad attitude and vanity, she does appear to have more sense than the common slut, and thanks to her daddy's business, she always has a gun handy that's ready to shoot down some zombies.